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May 1, 2018
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Haute Technology

Haute Technology

When high-tech meets haute couture

Technology is revolutionising fashion. In fact, wearable tech has been a trend for some time, from Google glasses to the Apple watch. But haute tech trends are transforming apparel with futuristic fashion and accessories. Although retro revivals are key to Spring/Summer style, some designers are looking to the future not the past.

Wearable solar panels can charge electronics. Google and Levi’s are working together on a smart jacket that will connect to our phones through Bluetooth.

CuteCircuit created the world’s first haute couture Twitter dress, incorporating MicroLEDs which receive Tweets in real time. They followed this extraordinary feat with their Graphene dress – a Nobel Prize winning conductive material, incorporated into a sensor which records breathing pattern. Fashion now has a function.

The merging of fashion and technology is getting more seamless. Online shopping now offers same-day delivery. Famously exclusive fashion shows are live-streamed on social media. While virtual fitting-rooms with 3D-body scanning – resulting in made-to-measure garments – are in our near future.

It’s mind-blowing. But are we missing the personal touch? Fashtory combines the best advantages of technology with that elusive human touch. Offering a direct line to designers, you can ask all the questions you can’t ask your computer. While our technology opens your eyes to fashions from all over the world – proving that when high-tech meets haute couture, it’s a win-win.

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