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November 2, 2018
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December 31, 2018

Plastic vs The Planet

As the fashion industry changes its outlook, its time to shop smarter

Increasing awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean has been opening our eyes to the needs to reduce plastic waste. Now, with scientists warning that polyester-type materials are adding to the problem, the fashion industry is sitting up and taking notice.


From Adidas sneakers made of recycled plastic to London designers Vin and Omi’s revolutionary eco-textiles, the problem is breeding creativity. Vin and Omi’s wool-like fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles are surprisingly soft, like cotton cashmere. This is fashion, without compromise.

With other brands promoting home production and switching to green energy sources, what can we, the consumer, do? Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has been pushing the message ‘buy less, choose well, make it last.’ We don’t need to stop shopping, we just need to shop smarter.

The best way we know how? Support small business. Shop for unique statement pieces that you’re guaranteed to love and wear time and time again. Creatively repurpose old favourites with smart new pieces – a well-chosen silk scarf, new shoe or investment jacket can instantly refresh your look.

The best part is Fashtory have done the hard work for you. With our edit of unique boutiques and independent brands available at the touch of a button, shopping smarter is easy. You’re welcome.

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