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Why we’ll always love blue jeans

Why we’ll always love blue jeans

Transcending social class, status and wealth, denim is the ultimate way to express yourself

The average American owns 7 pairs of blue jeans. But just why are we so obsessed with denim? Regardless of seasonal trends, we keep wearing jeans. Boyfriend, skinny, flared or mom cut; ’80s stonewash, deepest indigo or distressed – we can’t get enough.

Initially introduced in the 19th century as workwear for miners in Western America, denim was considered the wardrobe of the working classes. That is, until western movies captured the popular imagination and the image of the American cowboy transformed denim’s humble origins.

Taken up by motorcycle hellraisers, cinema cashed in again on denim’s newfound rebel status with James Dean and Marlon Brando the pin-ups of denim’s new bad-boy image.

Now there’s no stopping us. We’ll wear it in a skirt, midi-dress or jacket, or even as evening wear – Ralph Lauren’s denim dinner suit is testament to the limitless variations on blue jeans. While Marques Almeida made their name fashioning entire collections from the stuff.

Check out Saudi Arabian designer 8 Abayah for new ways to wear denim; or channel your inner rebel with Desire Green’s pimped up classic denim jacket. Dungarees, jeans and more – it’s all at your fingertips on Fashtory.

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