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February 27, 2019
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5 Minutes with Shoug

In Conversation with Shoug

Fashtory brings you up close and personal with Shoug Fardan a Parsons School of Design graduate, the designer behind her own Dubai based brand Shoug. 
  • What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

I reflect on things that happen around me. My biggest inspiration is my culture, heritage, and my family. My family is always pushing me to follow my dreams and goals; they are my biggest support and inspiration. I love to look at memories from my parents and my even my grandparent through their stories and photographs. I treasure beautiful old photographs of my grandmothers; they feel very regal and extraordinary.

In my most recent project I collaborated with my aunt, Fatma Juma, who is a visual artist. She discovered that she could express with automatic line drawings through her spiritual journey with meditation and alternative healing methods. The way she draws is raw; she is not controlling her hand, and she lets the energy guide her. I was very inspired by her process because her creativity comes from her authentic self. As a young designer myself, I want to get to that point where creating something become effortless and authentic. So we collaborated in a project where I created soft sculptures using a lightweight organza stuffed with cotton and with delicate line drawing embroidered onto the layers. I played with transparency, lightness and delicacy.shoug

  • In what way fashion trends do influence your design process?

I tend not to follow fashion trends, as I want to express myself through my own design process. I design for the now, and not for “next season”. I do not want to follow the fashion timeline, but create my own timeline and stay within my process as much as possible. I think I am not influenced by fashion trends, I am more influenced by human stories, culture and memories.

  • How have you grown as a designer?

I started my journey in New York attending Parsons. I was exposed to new ways of thinking in an intense environment where I learned a lot about design processes. After graduating I moved back home to Dubai, where I pushed myself to work on my brand. I went through many experiences, many positive and learning experiences. Every step counts towards my growth as a designer. And I am going to keep pushing myself to reach a wider audience.

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given in setting up your brand?

My mother is my mentor, and she guides me through life and career. Her advice to me is just to try to be my authentic self, be fearless, and never stop moving. These values are important to me to build my brand. I believe if I live authentically my work will reflect me.

Quick fire Question

  1. Describe your personal style in three words?  Masculine, feminine, uniform (I always wear black and hint of a pop color)
  1. What style advice would you give to younger self? Don’t follow, lead.
  1. What do you wear when you only have 5 minutes to get ready? Black shirt, jeans and sneakers
  1. A trend you never wear but wish you could?  I’ve always wanted to own a vintage pair of Maison Margiela’s leather “Tabi” shoes.

    5. And finally, where would we find you shopping in your city?  I try not to shop, but to make my own clothes. But I like to support regional designers, so I shop at General in D3, The Urbanist in Boxpark, as well as a lot of online shopping.

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