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September 6, 2017
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October 19, 2017

These boots are made for walking

These boots are made for walking

The long history of the boot has made it a year-round fashion favourite – which style will  seduce you this season?

The boot is having a moment for Autumn/Winter 17. There’s spray-on leather at Céline, and Erdem’s lace-up floral brocades. Or, the most wanted shoe of the season, Saint Laurent’s glitter slouch boots. Ankle, knee, or thigh-high, boots have become a year-round favourite. But how did they become such a fashion must-have?

The history of the boot

In the ancient world, boots represented ruling power and military might. Roman emperors wore embroidered or jeweled examples, while many of their subjects went barefoot.

Slouchy styles were popular among the wealthy English Cavaliers in the 17th century, until military uniforms were introduced with their polished pairs of stiff jackboots. Later, 19th-century dandies took their fashion inspiration from English riding boots. Today, trends borrowing from sportswear include new-style sneakers – shop boutique brand Josefina’s ‘Thelma’ high-tops with fur cat tongue, complete with diamanté whiskers, on the Fashtory app. Just remember, while you’re free to wear these, boots of any kind weren’t considered fashionable for women until the 1790s. In fact, wearing this “male fashion” was one of the criminal charges brought against Joan of Arc in 1431.

1. Saint Laurent slouch glitter boot  2. 17th century cavalier boots

 Boots back in fashion

Boots appeared to go out of fashion after the Victorian era. That is, until the wave of youthful counter fashions in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s brought them back. Think motorcycle boots inspired by the film Rebel Without a Cause, or the rebranding of the Dr Martens shoe as a symbol of punk cool. If this style appeals to you, then Lisbon-based brand Josefina lead the way once again. Take a look at their feminine makeover of motorcycle chic in the ‘Five Pearl’ boot, or the ‘Olivia’ boots in this season’s checked pattern.

Check Fashtory’s online fashion directory and whatever your purchase this season, know that we follow in the footsteps of countless fashionistas before us. Browse Josefina and keep other boutique brands at your fingertips with the Fashtory app, our handy one-stop fashion directory. Keep an eye on @Fashtory on Instagram or facebook for fashfacts, style tips and trends to watch out for.



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