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October 19, 2017
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March 16, 2018

Made In Italy

Luxurious leathers and high-fashion houses – Italy is setting the style stakes high.

Soft leathers are popular among Autumn/winter 17 trends, from luxe accessories to new season suiting. Look for a “Made in Italy” label as an internationally recognised marker of style. Centuries of hand-crafted fur production, fine knitwear and tasteful tailoring have shaped their fashion reputation, but Italy’s leathers are unrivalled.


What makes Italian leather so special?

Tradesmen in Medieval Italy looked for the secrets to top-quality leathers, which would become the best in the world. The answer lies in the natural process of vegetable tanning. The process is passed down from Ancient Egypt, and the techniques are still closely guarded family secrets today.


The result is supple leathers of distinct colour and personality, used exclusively by the high-fashion houses of Milan. Brands all over the world seek out their unique quality too. Download the Fashtory app and Look up Darmaki London’s unconventionally beautiful footwear, expertly handcrafted from the finest Italian leather, or Marie de La Roche playful party clutches.

The history of Italian fashion

Italian fashion was at its height in Renaissance Florence, before fashion started to follow trends set by the French court. It wasn’t until the famous ‘Sala Bianca’ show at the Palazzo Pitti in 1951, that Italy got back onto the fashion map. The explosion of luxury ready-to-wear brands – Armani, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci – has since changed the face of fashion. And Italian craft is still ahead of the trend. Italian brand Iovado created the first 3D-scanned handcrafted Italian leather shoe, to fit the exact shape of your foot. Don’t believe us? Head over to Fashtory’s handy one-stop fashion directory to find out more.


The international appetite for Italian fashion grew with the Hollywood film industry’s interest in Rome. Screen stars wearing Italian brands was priceless publicity – picture Audrey Hepburn in Ferragamo shoes and Elizabeth Taylor in Bulgari jewels.

So today, remember that a “Made in Italy” stamp stands for so much more than its geographical label – it’s a guarantee of quality, and a suggestion of world-class style.

Download the Fashtory app, and discover designers handcrafting luxurious Italian leathers into hot handbags and chic shoes. Follow us at @Fashtory on Instagram or facebook for fashfacts, style tips and trends to watch out for.

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