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September 25, 2017
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November 15, 2017

5​ ​minutes​ ​with​ ​K​ ​M​ ​by​ ​L​ ​A​ ​N​ ​G​ ​E

Fashtory had the pleasure to have a quick chat with the talented team behind Barcelona’s based brand KM by Lange, we asked them about their insights about current trends and their source of inspiration.

  • What is your biggest source of inspiration?

For now the biggest source of our inspiration is simple basic daily things, my roots and ukrainian traditions, obsession with handmade ceramics and, of course, nature.I am proud that our clothes are handmade by women artisans in Ukraine, the country where I was born. We are concerned about the right compensation for all women involved in. My motivation is to create beautiful clothes which last and build a responsible sustainable business model. It is a little bit go against the tide, but at least I try. I guess everything you do should make sense and this does not mean “create beautiful clothes”, it means make something useful and respectful to make this world better. Also seeing my designs appreciated and loved is one of my dreams.

  • Yellow is a fashion favourite for A/W 17. In what way fashion trends do influence your design process?

Yellow is a color of sunflowers and also of rye fields, the dominant color of typical Ukrainian landscape. I love this color. Our brand is mostly about natural colors: black, white and nude. Sometimes we include light blue. But generally we don´t follow color trends for a while, we are true to basic natural organic palette.



  • How have you grown as a designer?

I have always loved visual arts and Photography, two areas which are very related to fashion, because for me fashion is a means of self-expression like all art. My childhood passed in Ukraine and I was a child of the Soviet period. I was influenced by my mum seeing her designing and creating clothes with her friends, because in those times it was almost impossible to get clothes in stores. I think it encouraged people to be more creative, because when you don’t have access to a wealth of visual references, you are so hungry to discover things and you delve deeper within your own imagination and wake up to your true creativity. Then I moved to Spain and I saw the other side of the coin, fast fashion focused on the mainstream consumption. It was all so soulless, I found myself at a point where I could never find clothes I was completely in love with. So one day talking with my sister we decided to start our own brand. I started to design clothes which I really wanted to wear, that’s it.

  • What is the best piece of advice you´ve been given in setting up your brand?

Try it as a hobby first, test it, measure each decision and go ahead when you see that it could work.

Quickfire questions:

1. Describe your personal style in three words?  Less is More

2. What style advice would you give to younger self?
Follow always your personal approach, don´t copy, explore, discover, test.

3. What do you wear when you only have 5 minutes to get ready?
Oversize maxi long dress

4. A trend you never wear but wish you could? Retro hats

5.And finally, where would we find you shopping in your city? I am a child of Internet, I always shop online and sometimes in brick and mortar shops when I go abroad, I love hunting some handcrafted treasures.

Head over KM by Lange page on Fashtory, to have a look about their collection and have instant chat with them.

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